Thursday, January 26, 2017

Assignment that I am most proud of

I know that I have only just completed this assignment but looking back at the first time I printed black & white photos and looking at the ones I have printed now I feel happy. I can look and tell exactly where and why these one's are better then my first time ones. It feels amazing for me that I was able to improve so much so quickly. I know it is far from perfect and I know the actual completion of the assignment was poor. But being able to see my improvement just makes me smile. I was proud to be able to do this and I am proud I was able to be in this class, and I am excited for photo 3 because I am not done yet. 

Most memorable experiences

My most memorable learning experience from this year is going to the Cumberland Fair not only it the most fun I've had on a field trip since who knows when. It was the first time I got to feel like a real photographer. Carrying around my cameras as I walked around and took photos it felt refreshing and surreal. It made me think back to the first time I wanted to be a photographer. I was 5 it was at some kind of fair just like this one it my have even been the same one. I had just eaten a bright red candy apple. My tongue, mouth, and face were covered in red. A photographer walked up to my mother and asked if he could take a photo of me. She agreed and told me what was happening I was ecstatic I only had my picture taking for my daycare which to me didn't feel like it counted. The photographer kneeled down in front of me and started to focus his camera at me. I instantly stuck my tongue out at him and he took a couple photos then left. It was nothing special but to me it was amazing. Going to the Cumberland Fair made one of my childhood dreams come true so I don't think I could ever forget something like this.
Visual thinking happened to be the first photo assignment we got for photo 2. It was also one of my favorites it felt like a game matching a feeling with a photo. Trying to find something that you thought was strongly compelling an emotion so that others would understand it as well. It was like a mixture between a scavenger-hunt and pictionary I loved it. I would have preferred that we had done a new one of these every week instead of biweeklies because to me the felt more fun. I would imagine doing a winter themed one or a thanksgiving themed one. To me it felt like the most interactive photo project we did because everyone would see different things for the same feeling.  

Creative, Unusual Portraits

To shoot a variety of portraits, using black & white film and natural light.
To create unique, original works of art, by considering the following: Mood, perspective, lighting, gesture, clothing, style.

I had two main challenges for this project. The first was lack of availability I was unable to take my photos at the right time and was then sick for two classes in a row. This put  me about four classes behind schedule. Although I was able to come in often to work I was still unable to finishes the correct amount of photo's in time. My other challenge was when I was working on my first photo in the dark room. I was failing at being able to use the correct filter and time for the light. This made it so that I spent an entire class and a half on one photo. Not only is this time consuming since I was already behind, but it's also disheartening. I was getting frustrated and I wanted to just give up. luckily I was able to get past that and in the end I was proud of all my photo's.

I think the most important part about a film camera is to remember how to adjust your F-stop and shutter speed properly compared to the amount of light you have. This goes bound deep depth of field,  shallow depth of field, blurred, and frozen motion. This is about being able make sure your photograph is visible after you print it. However, even is you can understand how to use the light meter it is meaningless if you don't know how to print your photographs properly. This is where I have struggled the most I know how to set up chemicals and take time tests. But, I lack a complete understand oh should I use a three or a four filter. I also understand when I over expose or under expose a photo when enlarging. I just don't get why 17 seconds should be used instead of 15 seconds. I think it is important to have an understanding of how composition and contrast should look when printing or enlarging a film photograph. Lighting is something I took for granted before using a manual film camera. I now release how important it is to use natural lighting of lightbulb lighting. I also see now how you should pay attention to what your surroundings do to your lighting; snow reflecting the suns light making a photo look brighter then it really is. Last but not least processing film is important one wrong move and all your hard work is gone. You have to be able to role it without looking which sounds easier than it is. Finding the right amount of time for the chemicals is also difficult since it is all dependent on the temperature of the water you use and the type of film you use. The lengthy process has many repeating steps if you're not paying attention and repeat a step you're not supposed to you could ruin all of the photo's you're trying to process. Unlike printing if you mess up the order you can't go back to make another because you're working with the original.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Andy Goldsworthy Emulation Photographs & Video presentation

Emulation Video Presentation

Icicle Star Joined with Saliva 2010
By Andy Goldsworthy

Hole Two To Three Feet Across 1980
By Andy Goldsworthy

Hogweed Stalks Floating in Pond 1985
By Andy Goldsworthy

Rain Shadow 1984
By Andy Goldsworthy

Iris Leaves & Rowan Berries 2008
By Andy Goldsworthy

River Rock Finished with Gold Leaves 2009
By Andy Goldsworthy

Rowan Leaves & Hole 2008
By Andy Goldsworthy

Serpentine Tree Roots 2011
By Andy Goldsworthy

Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Biweekly

Every year my Mother goes to a cookie swap during the holiday's It is a two weekend event
where she makes four different kinds of cookies. The first year my Mother was invited she was so excited. She made the tastiest cookies she could, I still remember them now.  When she got to the swap she was proud to show off what she made because she knew there were going to be competitions for the cookies. However, all of the categories were in looks sadly my Mother worked really hard on how her cookies tasted but her cookies looked boring and plain. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy was born in 1956 and currently lives in Scotland. Andy studied Bradford School of Art and Preston Polytechnic and specializes in environmental art using sand, ice, stone, leaves, and branches. He often uses different colors to emphasize his subject making the colors transition into other colors. Andy has made over 70 art exhibits all over the world ranging from Japan to Canada. Andy was inspired to create art from playing in the autumn woods as a child.
Andy's inspiration comes from where he is making his art. There have only been a few times were Andy has gone to a specific location with a plan already in mind. Usually Andy gains all of his inspiration from the landscape from where he is working. Andy lets the environment decide what materials he uses. If he is at a river he will use works and sticks if he is in the Arctic Andy will use ice and snow. It all depends on the location for his inspiration.  
The reason why I picked this artist is because I've seen his work before and I really enjoy it. Also his work was one of the inspiration of the art design for my favorite video game "The Witness". A visually stunning 3D puzzle game made in 2016. I enjoy the bright vibrant colors of Andy's work but I also enjoy the patterns of it and I would like to try that myself. I am planing to use the shells sticks and leaves near my house to make patterns for my own work.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


You should enjoy the little things in life.
A smile, a gesture, or a simple hello.
But humor is also important.
Sometimes you just need to laugh.
Be a little virgule.
Drop the F bomb.